Keeping up with the New Yorkers

Have you ever heard the expression “keeping up with the Jones'”? First of all, who are they? Is this some TV or movie reference I’m too young to know or did this just happen out of the evolution of our language? I might never know, unless someone comments and tells me.

I had gotten stuck. I fell into the materialistic trap that is New York City. When I first arrived here, I never thought I would stare longingly inside the freshly cleaned windows of Chanel or Louis Vuitton, wishing desperately for a tote bag that almost everyone in the West Village sported. But I had. It was almost like these items were the visual stamp of success in this city. This is not the case, my friends.

I was up late one night pondering my new obsession with name brand items, and wondering where it started. Obviously there’s a surrounding idea with designer clothes that they’re of better quality, that they’ll last longer. But I continued to wonder while I sipped bitter decaf instant coffee on my stoop at one in the morning. I had become obsessed with looking the part. I wanted to belong in New York. In a city of weirdo’s and the unique, I wanted to be like every other girl sporting a Louis Vuitton Never Full.

I wanted to be able to show my family that I was doing well, my friends back in Florida. I felt like this new found materialism was just an appreciation for the finer things, when really I was insecure in my place in this bustling town.

When you move somewhere for the first time, there’s a temptation to try and fit in with the majority of the people there. Its a social strategy for survival. However, mine came with an expensive price tag and a moral dilemma.

Now, I still love the double flap, quilted Chanel bag with the chain strap. But I will be getting mine from consignment shops, because they’re cheaper and not putting any additional waste into landfills. Which is a whole other topic. But this realization, the epiphany that I had early that morning, has saved me from trying to fill a hole in my heart with Gucci or Fendi. I just need to make friends instead.

5 thoughts on “Keeping up with the New Yorkers

  1. The struggle is real. So happy you are there. I would hope to hear about your Chinese Medicine schooling. The things you are learning. The really exciting I get it moments. But I am sure everyone needs a good purse or two. By the way, Lindsay just moved to UNC Chapel Hill to work as a nurse in this large teaching hospital. She has been there about a month and loves the change. Spread your wings and fly.


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