Moving to New York, Broke.

This is going to be one of my final posts regarding the moving process to New York City. Unless specific questions are asked, I will be moving forward into my adventures in this wild city and taking you along with me.

However, one of my readers asked me about how much money I had saved up before I moved here. And this is something I’m surprised I haven’t been asked about until now. I remember looking up countless blogs and YouTube videos about this very topic, and landing nowhere. Everyone had something different to say, most of them seemed like way more money than I had. But after paying my deposit, first, and last months rent, I moved to New York with $700.

Here’s where my situation is unique, I moved two weeks early so I could find a job before I moved into my apartment. I had Elijah to stay with, so a soft landing was granted to me. But I had to make $700 stretch until I could find a job. I was anxious until I found one, lost that job in the same day (, and found another one a week later. a few weeks later I found another wonderful job and have been hustling ever since. I worked freelance as a Brand Ambassador every other weekend to make ends meet, but definitely ate my fair share of ramen and boxed pasta.

I can now saw i’m buying produce again and eating much better! But those first few weeks were a whirlwind of anxiety, awful dinners, and hungry days (seriously limited my food intake to make groceries stretch). But a huge reason for this anxiety was the fact that I really didn’t have a lot saved up. I wanted to come to New York with a few months of rent saved up, but I worked at a Deli that barely paid me enough and spent $40 on gas every week. I was making a little above Florida minimum wage, and Florida money wasn’t going to prepare me for New York living. So I decided to bite the bullet and plunge head-on into a new beginning.

Here’s some things you need to consider: It might take you 2-3 weeks to find a job. Then another 2 weeks after you start to get paid. So that’s 4-5 weeks without a paycheck. You need to budget money for your rent/bills during that time and groceries. Don’t forget to take into account transportation, which can cost you $33/ week for a train pass or $127/ month. So I would suggest MINIMUM having your rent, a $100 bill cushion, plus and additional $400-$600 for food, transportation, and fun stuff.

This really is unique depending on the cost of your rent, etc. But i’m giving you bare minimum to avoid the anxiety and rough first few weeks that I endured. Remember, I’m making these rookie mistakes so you don’t have to.

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