My 5 Favorite Places in Brooklyn

Howdy, my friends. Long time, no post. I apologize. If you’re following me on Instagram (@amber.lily.robbins), you’ll know I started school last week. Let me tell you how FRICKEN EXCITING it was! I was so distracted being filled with renewed passion for saving the world of its various ailments by herbs and acupuncture that I forgot to write. I didn’t even remember until I was sitting in my Chinese Medicine Philosophy class Wednesday morning. So, I apologize. Here’s your coupon for a free treatment when I open up my own practice in 4-5 years. You’re welcome.

But anywho! Back to the fun, New York content. That’s why you’re here, ya? Cool. So!

I gotta give a shoutout to my current residing Burrough of Brooklyn. How I love thee. And to be honest, I didn’t expect to love it this much. I had my sights set on Manhattan, and living in Brooklyn was just my way of transitioning to the bustling island. But I’ve come to love this place. I’m still new here, and I can’t tell you the BEST places to visit, because I haven’t seen everything yet. But I DID want to tell you my top 5 favorite places here in Brooklyn that you should definitely check out if you’re ever here.

Brooklyn Bridge

1. The Brooklyn Bridge

So this one might be a bit obvious, but it really is wonderful. There are great restaurants and ice cream shops (my favorite) to waste the day away at. The view is spectacular and it’s conveniently located right by downtown Brooklyn, with many bars and chill spots. I went to the Brooklyn Bridge and was able to snap this photo completely in awe of the city scape. If you’re still infatuated with Manhattan, this is a great place to get awesome photos of it from afar. Without the constant neck aches that come with photographing the tall sky scrapers.

Brooklyn Promenade

2. The Brooklyn Promenade

Located conveniently next to the Brooklyn Bridge is the Promenade. Essentially, these docks have been converted into parks and sports complexes and offer a place to gather your friends, a great bottle of wine, and have a fun time. When I visited, Elijah and I were SO SICK! I took this picture with half-closed eyes from swollen sinuses but the effect was still amazing. A great picnic spot for sure, and I bet it’ll be just as beautiful covered in snow. There are nature trails, AND THIS SUPER COOL science park with little sound sculptures and things to walk on and play with. We felt like little kids at a science center, but it was outside! Not to mention the view of the Manhattan skyline was, once again, breathtaking. So for those quiet moments, the ones where you want to escape the noise of the city but don’t want to stray too far, go to the promenade.

Package Free on Grand Street

2. Grand Street/ Williamsburg

If I ever have a few hours to myself, I hop on the L train (if it’s cooperating) and head to Williamsburg. Grand street is my favorite because it’s lined with sustainable clothing stores, plant shops, and Package Free. There are a MILLION vegan restaurants, and some awesome not-so-vegan restaurants. But all-in-all there’s a vibe of sustainability, environmental well-being, and good food. The decor on some of these restaurants is INSANE! Flowers and vines everywhere, like the adult version of the Rainforest Café. Remember that place?

Best Pizza

4. Best Pizza

This little pizza shop is actually in Williamsburg, and holy. Toledo. Their pizza is AMAZING. New Yorkers don’t eff around with their pizza, so I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes here. But anytime Elijah and I are in train distance from this place, we make a point to visit. Their prices are pretty decent, and they’re never super busy. They always have rap music blasting and they never disappoint. So whenever you’re checking out all the beautiful plant shops and thrift stores on Grand street, go take a lunch break at Best Pizza.

Park Slope

5. Park Slope

In the shadow of the Atlantic-Barclays center lies Park Slope. And interesting neighborhood with super cool history. Concerts and Brooklyn Nets games are definitely a way to spend your time here, but the shopping is great. Tons of various thrift and consignment shops line 5th Avenue as well as the best sushi spot in Brooklyn, in my humble opinion. All I’m saying is, I thought I hated sushi until I ate there. One of my favorite Irish pubs is also on that street. I used to work down there, so I got to see a lot of it. Plus walking through the endless streets of gorgeous brownstone houses is totally Instagram worthy. I can’t wait until the fall when all the maple trees turn orange, it’ll be breathtaking.

Still being New to New York, I haven’t discovered the truly best places to be, yet. These are some of the places I frequent and always enjoy. If you’re ever visiting the Brooklyn area and have some time on your hands, I encourage you to check some of these out! And if you do, shoot me an Instagram message and let me know what you think!

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